San Andrés Preludes

Solo Piano (2012)

I. Andante poco adagio
II. Allegro assai
III. Lento, Lontano
IV. Ritmico, non troppo allegro
V. Scherzando
VI. Poco lento
VII. Semplice

Written for and dedicated to Mauricio Nader.

Score Sample

Duration: c. 7-9 1/2 minutes

These seven preludes take their name from my adopted town, San Andrés Cholula. After having finished the pieces, I discovered the concept of “off-modern”—a term used by the artist and cultural critic Svetlana Boym—which I feel could describe much of my recent music.

To Boym, off-modern means “a critical reflection on the modern condition that incorporates nostalgia” in this reflection “longing, alienation and affection go together.” These preludes explore several side alleys and dark corners, instead of the straight and narrow road to “progress”: a single, decorated melodic line; a memory of Bach and Chopin mixed together; wind chimes; a 4 voice fugue in 7/16 time; the hint of a tango; fistfuls of notes played delicately; a simple song.

San Andres Preludes were written for pianist Mauricio Nader, and are dedicated to him.