Blog Post No. 1

Solo Piano (2015)

Score Sample

Duration: c. 1 minute

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About Blog Posts 

My pieces called Blog Posts try to reflect the world of text messaging and online blogs. They are little one movement works (at least so far), for various instruments,  which try to express something in a concise and everyday manner. Nothing too fancy. Like a blog post.  (If Roger Sessions were alive today, his piano piece “Pages From A Diary”—a.k.a. “From My Diary”—would become “Screenshots from a Blog.”)

About Blog Post No. 1 

Blog Post No. 1 is an unnerving piano solo. To be played fortissimo from beginning to end, it reminds me of an online rant (you can fill in the topic with anything you want, there’s so much to choose from!).

Ideally it should last about a minute, but it’s pretty difficult at that speed. Don’t hurt yourself!