A Bonsai Garden, Set VII

String Trio (2013)
Violin, Viola, Cello

I. Andante pensativo
II. Meditativo
III. Rigido
IV. Moderato
V. Vivace
VI. Largo
VII. Con spirito
VIII. Andante, poco mesto
IX. Allegro moderato e marcato
X. Lento assai
XI. Funky
XII. Delicatamente

Dedicated to María Luisa Marina Vilar Paya. Commercial recording: “A Bonsai Garden – Brian Banks” by the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, 2012.

Score Sample

Duration: c. 13 minutes

With Set VII from my Bonsai Garden series, I wanted to use more movements than I had in the first six sets, which ranged from five to nine movements. Part of the compositional process of my Bonsai Garden has been that I begin the writing process without regard to order, the definitive assemblage of movements taking place after I’ve given up on writing more. This time I ended up with 12 short movements, ranging from slow and thoughtful to the funky. 

The work is dedicated to my wife.