My colleague here in Puebla—a wonderful pianist named Misa Ito for a piece to fit into an upcoming piano recital featuring works for four and six hands.

Six hands? “Like an insect!,” Misa said. Which immediately got me thinking about Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Which got me thinking about Kafka’s protagonist Gregor, the giant bug. And I just kind of went with it.

Sure, for humans, the idea of ​​having six legs seems very difficult. But having six hands (and a foot for the pedal) playing a single keyboard is just as difficult. Too many limbs! Anyway, the pianists seem to be having fun.

Postlude for Gregor Samsa
For One Piano, Three Players (Six Hands)
One movement  (approx. 3 minutes) More Postludes to follow!
Score: available on request (email