I am concerned with music as a shared emotional experience: a three-way act of communication between composer, performer and listener. I don’t write music to justify any theory. Much of my music has a tonal center of some kind, and at times one can hear familiar chord progressions, but at other times the music is more abstract and complex. Often I will juxtapose these elements within the same piece.

The experience of playing Brian’s music comprises some of the most deeply fulfilling and rewarding musical experiences of my career.

Geoffrey Burleson, D.M.A.

Performer and Director of Piano , Studies, Hunter College of CUNY

I find that Brian’s musical thoughts always express sincerity through a language nourished on the vast culture of our time, joining universes that seem to appear irreconcilable…

Roberto Limón

Latin Grammy-nominated Classical , Guitarist

Yes, it’s contemporary music that breaks paradigms and rules, but Brian maintains a sense of order that communicates…

Sergio Castro Medina

Conductor, Performer and Director , General de Difusión Cultural Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)