Five Songs

Poems by Emily Dickinson (1990-2001)
High Voice and Piano 

Written for and dedicated to soprano Nancy Ellen Ogle and pianist Ginger Yang Hwalek who premiered the set on 27 May 2000 at the UDLAP Auditorium, Puebla, Mexico. Commercial recording of the first song (A Night) available on “A Different Slant Of Light: The Poetry Of Emily Dickinson” (Capstone Records CPS-8682, 2000).

Score Sample

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Duration: c. 12-14 minutes

Product Description


I. A Night
II. It Might be Lonelier
III. Four Trees
IV. Behind me dips Eternity
V. What if I say

These songs were written for and dedicated to soprano Nancy Ellen Ogle and pianist Ginger Yang Hwalek. They were written over a three-year period because I insisted on writing them only after having lived with the chosen poems for a long period of time. As a poet Emily Dickinson is deceptively naive, and I wanted to select poems that reflected the darker side of her character.

Instead of blithely speculating about “Going to Heaven” or riding with Death in a carriage, she threatens suicide, dreads the unknown in the present while the maelstrom of past and future spin around her, and speculates on the ambiguities of nature and time.

The first song, A Night, was the first I composed and is available on Nancy Ogle’s CD “A Different Slant of Light” (Capstone Records).


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