What I’m Working On

Remixing Padilla Motets

Inspired by 17th-century composer Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla, I’ve been thinking about the whole process of remixing. Now, I’m not a composer of electronic music—nor am I a DJ. But I would like to translate some of the ideas behind the current remix culture to... read more

Yokai Nocturnes

Yokai are mythical creatures from Japanese fairy tales and stories. Four of these creatures form the inspiration for A Bonsai Garden, Set IX (“Yokai Nocturnes”), whose eight movements in general are rather short in duration, and whose stylistic... read more


“…with the waning of the nineteenth-century novel, the world lost its unity and its meaning. As we set out to write novels today, all we have at hand are fragments and more fragments. This can be a source of optimism: By ridding ourselves of hierarchies, we can... read more

What I’m Following

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